Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Even after the many complaints, the unpredictable rain, sun, rain, sun and lots of mud I have decided that spring is my favourite season.
First sight of the world I see each morning is the sunset; it’s absolutely beautiful, that big, blindingly bright sun shining at me as I drive to work. It’s so much better than going in the dark.
The temperature has increased enough to breathe if you go outside and not worry about the gloves, scarf, hat etc.

The fields surrounding ours has baby cows and lambs that seem to be having so much fun as they bounce everywhere.
Through the mud on the ground, I can spot little buds of tulips and other flowers I don’t know yet appearing. I think it’s wonderful that through the mud and rain and occasional snow life pushes forward and works so hard until summer arrives.
Mud; yes there is mud everywhere but the kids enjoy it so much, the dog looks so funny and we have the added excuse to ride the horses, letting them get muddy instead of us.

Yes, I love the spring and the joy that summer is on its way.

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