Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After a crazy, hectic day of shovelling snow, getting the car stuck and much more I decided it may be time to sit so here i am giving an update of the past few weeks.
Yesterday I had great intentions of cleaning and doing a big food shop so that the house was nice and stocked up for baby to arrive. The snow had been coming down slowly thoughout the night and made me excited for a white christmas yet slightly lazy to get cracking with the jobs.

So I spent the day sewing and made a car seat canopy. Really like how it turned out. Can't believe how easy it was to make.
Decided to make the stitching zig zag to try something new, glad I did. Still looking for some big dark green buttons that match to attach to the handles but that will come later. When I got home later on the snow had continued to come down. Trevor got the tractor out and he and the next door neighbour had fun clearing the street and the driveways.
This morning when I got up the 7 inches yesterday that had been moved away from the house was now replaced with another 10 inches and it was still snowing strong. I got ready and went out to shovel the driveway so that I could get to the cinema (my second job). Decided after a while that I should probably stop as I could feel baby pushing down hard. Eventually made it to the cinema after getting stuck and driving really slow. Then made it to the store to do a big shop (one benefit of hard heavy snow, the shops were empty).

Some of the snow that came down today. Some of the other things that have occured the last weeks.
We put up the outside christmas lights.We went up to the mountain and cut down our chosen christmas tree, then decorated it.Trevor and I are trying to get through some of the stake in the freezer to make room for our new year half-a-cow. Of course there are some prego pictures of me at 38 and 39 weeks.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving - a visit from mum

Last week was a great week. My mum gave me a surprise visit, well mainly a suprise, she called the week before to tell me she was coming and then she came. It was only a short visit but was wonderful to spend some time with her especially because of Thanksgiving I had three days off work.

We got lots of things done, built some shelves in the garage, finished the babies room, put up Christmas decor. She was around for a small baby shower I had and also for a hospital check up where she got to see the OB department and an extra little scan of her grandson.

Mum gave up and decided to join in with the flannel club due to the cold.

I look like a heffa-lump in mine

We took some pictures of the babies room and some of the things on the wall so that the family at home can have an idea.

(Pictures on the wall)

(some more things on the wall)

The Babies room Mum was determined while she was here to get some pictures of me and the growing belly. Trevor decided he would get pictures while I was trying to dry my hair. Eventually the hair was dry, I posed for a shot then out we went for Thanksgiving dinner. I already look like I've eaten my whole turkey.
Spot the giant

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Bump

We have 11 weeks left to go untill our little fella arrives. Haven't really done much yet but thinking its probably time i started getting organised.
Thought i'd put a couple of photos up since my email won't seem to send very many of them and family arn't getting to see the day to day growth and continuous dancing going on.
Didn't realise how hard it would be to take pics of myself, they're all abit fuzzy and slanted. Sorry.
Just before work.

Another before work shotBefore work
Thanks melissa for my nice new shirt
Little bump, although I feel like a hippo
Just before church
Just before bed

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Catch up

Quick update to the last few months. Spring began with Trevor starting his new seasonal job with the BLM. The fire season started alot sooner than I had planned but Trevor was excited as he loves what he does. Fire season means making no plans, him being gone alot and my house getting lots of ash everywhere. (Trevor showing off a fairly clean outting.)
Early onin the spring my mum came to visit which was great. I had to work alot so she spent lots of time on her own at home keeping my building guys on task. Glad she was here and was very suprised how good she actually is with a camera. (Pictures mum took whilst driving through Heber)
(A perfect evening with mum and Trevor)
Later on as school was coming to a close, (yay!!!!) my dad came out on his own for a quick visit. He got straight to work on the basement and framed pretty much everything ready for the heating and electrics to go in when we find some more money.
(Trevor and I found out we were 2 months) (Trevor wasn't totally sure)
During the summer I left home and travelled to England to see the family, went for 4 weeks as Trevor was going to be busy with the fires going on or at least the ones that were supposed to be going on.
(My summer goings on included: my beautiful niece Hetty)
(It was wonderful to see my older bro with his kids)
(A day out at the park)
(Me with nephew and niece- loved it!!)
(Wonderful food, games and friends having fun at a small baby shower mum threw for me.) I had a great time back in the home land and got to spend time with each of the family. I can't believe how fast it actually went. As soon as I got back to Vernal, Trevor's fire season decided to go crazy. It had been really slow until the day I got home, then for two months we were lucky if we saw each other at all.

Joyfully, I can say fire season is over and we can hopefully spend some time together, inbetween the hunts and the football that have started.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Week Down, a lifetime to go.

Today was a full day with lots of new things happening. We hit our first week in our new house. Its been really nice and i've enjoyed slowing sorting each room out so that its usable instead of collecting storage. We both love our new bed. Me because i can sleep and not have an elbow in my face every night and Trevor because he doesn't have to worry about being in touble the next day for hitting me or stealing the covers. Today we also mailed out our address to family to that they can send us lots of wonderful things, (hint, hint) and also so anyone can come visit if they fancy it. Another reason today was such a good day is because I became an Aunt again. Our little Hetty Rose was born to my brother Elliott and wife Melissa, she was overdue and obviously had enjoyed the extra time before being born as she was 9 lbs 9oz. Its at these times that you realise how far away you really are. I'm sad i've missed the pregnancy and birth but am excited to see them in the Summer. Watch out bro, if she's as wonderful as Henry I may steal her from you.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just had to substitute for a Physical Ed class. Not an every day occurrence but now and again I get called upon to run and cover a class. My job usually consists of sitting in a smallish classroom with my students usually 1-15 in number, students that have been kicked out of their classes due to bad behaviour. It may be because they were playing on their mobile, shouting and running around the class, truancy, fighting, drugs and much more. Basically when they can not be in their class they come to me and I teach them their subjects on a one to one basis. I also conduct the online classes for students that's behaviour has resulted in them being kicked out of school completely.
So if or when you ever have students or kids that you cannot control, that have been sent to the Principal's office or put in Juvenal detention, imagine having 15 of them each day. I love it!!!

Due to the fact that I can just send my kids back home I happen to be the on-call substitute for the school. Whenever their is a "Mrs. Shiner come quick!" I have to drop and go where they need me. Today was P.E. It went really well teaching them floor hockey and i had fun until a student decided to run into a wall.
Her mum had to come and collect her and I had to write a accident report after calming her down and administering the needed first aid. I struggled to stop myself from laughing at the sight of her run into the wall, kids do the strangest things.
I thought I would try some good-old English games as a warm up for the class so we played Stuck-in-the-mud and Shipwreck.
Overal is was a fun-filled day that i'm glad is over so I can go do some more unpacking at the house. Yay for Easter break, 4 days off school. There are definately benefits to teaching.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Even after the many complaints, the unpredictable rain, sun, rain, sun and lots of mud I have decided that spring is my favourite season.
First sight of the world I see each morning is the sunset; it’s absolutely beautiful, that big, blindingly bright sun shining at me as I drive to work. It’s so much better than going in the dark.
The temperature has increased enough to breathe if you go outside and not worry about the gloves, scarf, hat etc.

The fields surrounding ours has baby cows and lambs that seem to be having so much fun as they bounce everywhere.
Through the mud on the ground, I can spot little buds of tulips and other flowers I don’t know yet appearing. I think it’s wonderful that through the mud and rain and occasional snow life pushes forward and works so hard until summer arrives.
Mud; yes there is mud everywhere but the kids enjoy it so much, the dog looks so funny and we have the added excuse to ride the horses, letting them get muddy instead of us.

Yes, I love the spring and the joy that summer is on its way.