Thursday, March 18, 2010

New House, New Home

Eventually we have a new house. After looking at house after house and putting offers in and them falling through we closed on our house yesterday and get our keys today.
I so excited and grateful to be able to own a home with Trevor. We've been so blessed to live with parents for the last two years, it has taught us alot and enabled us to save a pretty package.

Our New Home:
Its in Vernal, Utah, USA.
It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The biggest pantry ever. Yay!!
Beautiful big yards that at the moment are mud but will be green soon.
A huge unfinished basement that will become a living room, playroom, storage room, 2 more bedrooms and a bathroom this coming year.

I'm so excited to get in and get things sorted and have Trevor help with the big stuff before he starts his new job on April 12th.
Its been a testimony strengthener to remember how much Heavenly Father watches out for us. We were beginning to get diflated about this house as the closing date went from January into February and then into March, we just couldn't understand why. Now we know. Two weeks ago we went to check the house out to find that the basement had been flooded, if we had closed we would have had to pay for everything. As it worked out the builder had made a small mistake and is coming in to fix the whole thing for us.
The Lord really does know our lives and guides us step by step. I'm thankful that Trevor and I had the patience this time round to wait and watch him work.
Pictures to come soon. Yay!!!!


Jessica said...

Yay! I am so glad everything is turning out with the house. You will love having a home of your own, we sure do:)
Miss you:)

Lesley-Ann said...

So glad you finally got a house. We did too and move in end of this month, our container are on a ship on it's way to Long Beach, California due to arrive sometime between 18th-25th! We too had challenges in finding the right home and were let down on several homes before finding this one, but now realise this is the right one and so needed to go through those disappointments. Heavenly Father sure does look after us as you have experienced. We still plan to come and visit you but have just been so crazy busy, but it will probably be after we move and we can bring your box :-) Oh and we have our residency interview a week on Tuesday! X