Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Week Down, a lifetime to go.

Today was a full day with lots of new things happening. We hit our first week in our new house. Its been really nice and i've enjoyed slowing sorting each room out so that its usable instead of collecting storage. We both love our new bed. Me because i can sleep and not have an elbow in my face every night and Trevor because he doesn't have to worry about being in touble the next day for hitting me or stealing the covers. Today we also mailed out our address to family to that they can send us lots of wonderful things, (hint, hint) and also so anyone can come visit if they fancy it. Another reason today was such a good day is because I became an Aunt again. Our little Hetty Rose was born to my brother Elliott and wife Melissa, she was overdue and obviously had enjoyed the extra time before being born as she was 9 lbs 9oz. Its at these times that you realise how far away you really are. I'm sad i've missed the pregnancy and birth but am excited to see them in the Summer. Watch out bro, if she's as wonderful as Henry I may steal her from you.