Friday, March 19, 2010


Family has been bugging me for pictures of our new house so her they are. The house is empty right now so had no colour or character yet, but be patient, it will come. Sorry for the long entry but thought i'd give as much as i can so i don't have to send emails later. (For the benefit of the fam.)

As you can see Trevor's not sure how he feels about having such a big debt. Luckly we can have it paid off in 15 years.

Still thinking.

Anger. "What have I done?"

Not really sure about this one, maybe "Whoops I just went pee, if i smile no one will know."

Me, well i just don't know.

So this is the house from the outside, thats Devaney (my niece) posing.

Full view of outside and front garden plus my extra dirty car. We have no grass yet but its coming this September.

The Kitchen On the left is our pantry and our laundry room that come off the kitchen. On the right is our hallway leading from the front room to the bedrooms and bathrooms.On the left is our staircase leading down to the basement. On the right is our masterbathroom, both bathrooms are pretty much identical.
Our room of love, which is pretty much the same as the other two just bigger. On the right is a section of the basement that will become our livingroom in September. (You can see the flood problem we had.)

Again more of our basement, on the right it will be split into two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the left will be a playroom, for game consoles and the lovesac, computer, table for my crafts and homework. If you look carefully at the picture on the right you can see an opening on the right hand side, that is my really big, cold storage room!!!! Yay!!!
Last but not least, our garden that looks rather bad right now. Once its dried up we will be having a patio put in coming from the steps of the house down towards the front of the pic where all the snow is. On the right side (you can't see here) i'm going to plant a vegetable patch and try my hand at growing food. Eventually sometime this year we will have grass.
So this is our house, very empty and ready to be moved into. I'm going to begin this weekend then we'll get the big boys to help us move the piano and chest freezer. The rest I think will come gradually over the next two weeks.

If you need the pictures bigger to see clearer just click on them.


Jessica said...

LOVE it! We will have to come stay some time:)

The Scott's said...

That is awesome! I am so curious as to how you are enjoying Vernal! We think about you guys and hope that you are doing well.

Debs said...

Hey Holly!! Your house looks great - there is so much space!! Its lovely to hear about how both of you are doing. Lots of love x x