Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Catch up

Quick update to the last few months. Spring began with Trevor starting his new seasonal job with the BLM. The fire season started alot sooner than I had planned but Trevor was excited as he loves what he does. Fire season means making no plans, him being gone alot and my house getting lots of ash everywhere. (Trevor showing off a fairly clean outting.)
Early onin the spring my mum came to visit which was great. I had to work alot so she spent lots of time on her own at home keeping my building guys on task. Glad she was here and was very suprised how good she actually is with a camera. (Pictures mum took whilst driving through Heber)
(A perfect evening with mum and Trevor)
Later on as school was coming to a close, (yay!!!!) my dad came out on his own for a quick visit. He got straight to work on the basement and framed pretty much everything ready for the heating and electrics to go in when we find some more money.
(Trevor and I found out we were 2 months) (Trevor wasn't totally sure)
During the summer I left home and travelled to England to see the family, went for 4 weeks as Trevor was going to be busy with the fires going on or at least the ones that were supposed to be going on.
(My summer goings on included: my beautiful niece Hetty)
(It was wonderful to see my older bro with his kids)
(A day out at the park)
(Me with nephew and niece- loved it!!)
(Wonderful food, games and friends having fun at a small baby shower mum threw for me.) I had a great time back in the home land and got to spend time with each of the family. I can't believe how fast it actually went. As soon as I got back to Vernal, Trevor's fire season decided to go crazy. It had been really slow until the day I got home, then for two months we were lucky if we saw each other at all.

Joyfully, I can say fire season is over and we can hopefully spend some time together, inbetween the hunts and the football that have started.