Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just had to substitute for a Physical Ed class. Not an every day occurrence but now and again I get called upon to run and cover a class. My job usually consists of sitting in a smallish classroom with my students usually 1-15 in number, students that have been kicked out of their classes due to bad behaviour. It may be because they were playing on their mobile, shouting and running around the class, truancy, fighting, drugs and much more. Basically when they can not be in their class they come to me and I teach them their subjects on a one to one basis. I also conduct the online classes for students that's behaviour has resulted in them being kicked out of school completely.
So if or when you ever have students or kids that you cannot control, that have been sent to the Principal's office or put in Juvenal detention, imagine having 15 of them each day. I love it!!!

Due to the fact that I can just send my kids back home I happen to be the on-call substitute for the school. Whenever their is a "Mrs. Shiner come quick!" I have to drop and go where they need me. Today was P.E. It went really well teaching them floor hockey and i had fun until a student decided to run into a wall.
Her mum had to come and collect her and I had to write a accident report after calming her down and administering the needed first aid. I struggled to stop myself from laughing at the sight of her run into the wall, kids do the strangest things.
I thought I would try some good-old English games as a warm up for the class so we played Stuck-in-the-mud and Shipwreck.
Overal is was a fun-filled day that i'm glad is over so I can go do some more unpacking at the house. Yay for Easter break, 4 days off school. There are definately benefits to teaching.

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Sian & Mark said...

Hey Holly!! Congrats on your house, it looks lovely!!!
Hope you are enjoying living out here! x