Thursday, October 8, 2009

Living and learning to love Vernal

Ok, so eventually i am going to submit my first post. I know its about time. When everyone suggested i do a blog i thought it would be an easy task. How hard can it be i hear you ask, but i just haven't found anytime that i have been free, near a computer and not had better or best things to do instead.
So now with a new job I am finding maybe an hour a week that I can put something together. So here it goes........

Moving to Vernal was an experience to say the least, yes they speak English but almost everything else is totally different. The lifestyle, the food, the pace, i often wish I could just wined everyone up so they move alittle faster.

Having said that i've been blessed beyond measure. As soon as I arrived i had a great time travelling across to Missouri where Trevor and I toured the church sites. When we came back I immediately found a new job, got a new car and have settled really well. Other than the food i'm really enjoying being here and starting to love the change.
So Vernal, very small yet just as beautiful as England, the scenery that is at my fingertips is amazing and the fact that I now have 6 horses and a dog just make it so much easy to go and site see.

Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area was established in 1968. The area contains 207,363 acres of land and water, divided between Utah and Wyoming.
The Reservoir is the most popular attraction here. We’ve visited it already many atime. The year Trevor and I were dating I did a mild wild water rafting trip with his family. Great fun, although even in the height of summer the water was still freezing.

Flaming Gorge is known to be famous for its trout. Thinking we may need to wait till next summer to try it.
Some interesting facts: Rising 502 feet above bedrock, Flaming Gorge Dam impounds waters from the Green river to form the reservoir, which extends as far as 91 miles to the north. The reservoir has a total capacity of 3,788,900 acre-feet. At full elevation of 6,045 feet, it has a surface area of 42,020 acres. Big number hey?

As of right now i'm settling in and enjoying keeping busy. The days seem to go really fast and am meeting lots of new people.
For my new job i'm the In-School Suspension teacher at the Vernal Junior High. Its great fun. Basically, when the students are too naughty for the teachers to handle or theres been a fight or truancy they get blessed to spend the day with me instead of get kicked out of school. I have to be strict enough to teach them a lesson but also nice enough that they open up to me and we fix the behaviour, their grades and anything else.
I forgot how much drama there is in high school. HA!!!!!

And my new car.... works great. We had originally planned for me to walk or ride my bike but it doesn't seem to work so well in 16 degrees fahrenheit so we had to get a car. Remember now i love in a very small town and had to get what they had. So I brought myself a Ford 500.
The Ford Five Hundred's biggest advantage is space, it has more than 40 inches of legroom front and rear as well as a massive 21-cubic-foot boot (trunk). It used to be called to Taurus then they had a year of calling them Ford 500 before going back to Taurus again. Its white and clean and works like a charm and gets me around witout freezing my bum off.