Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After a crazy, hectic day of shovelling snow, getting the car stuck and much more I decided it may be time to sit so here i am giving an update of the past few weeks.
Yesterday I had great intentions of cleaning and doing a big food shop so that the house was nice and stocked up for baby to arrive. The snow had been coming down slowly thoughout the night and made me excited for a white christmas yet slightly lazy to get cracking with the jobs.

So I spent the day sewing and made a car seat canopy. Really like how it turned out. Can't believe how easy it was to make.
Decided to make the stitching zig zag to try something new, glad I did. Still looking for some big dark green buttons that match to attach to the handles but that will come later. When I got home later on the snow had continued to come down. Trevor got the tractor out and he and the next door neighbour had fun clearing the street and the driveways.
This morning when I got up the 7 inches yesterday that had been moved away from the house was now replaced with another 10 inches and it was still snowing strong. I got ready and went out to shovel the driveway so that I could get to the cinema (my second job). Decided after a while that I should probably stop as I could feel baby pushing down hard. Eventually made it to the cinema after getting stuck and driving really slow. Then made it to the store to do a big shop (one benefit of hard heavy snow, the shops were empty).

Some of the snow that came down today. Some of the other things that have occured the last weeks.
We put up the outside christmas lights.We went up to the mountain and cut down our chosen christmas tree, then decorated it.Trevor and I are trying to get through some of the stake in the freezer to make room for our new year half-a-cow. Of course there are some prego pictures of me at 38 and 39 weeks.

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