Friday, July 8, 2011

6 months

Over the last few months lots has happened. We visited England so that the family could meet our new edition, Sam. It was a busy trip but lots of fun.
My wonderful borther with Hetty and Sam.Smiles at grandad
Henry loves his fireman TrevorMy brothers and sisterThe family minus Sam he had been a little sad that day so we let him sleep.
Trevor eventually finished at Coke and got himself a new job with a company called EOG. We had to say goodbye to his beloved yellow tonka truck.And hello to a new 'adult' truckAunty Lex bought Sam a lovely new church outfit, thanks lex
Sam being a good boy as usual out in Salt Lake at a weddingMy handsome boys that i am completely in love withThis is the reason that Sams a little crazy. Nothing to do with me, ha
My little boy always seems to have his mouth open and i love itSleepy time and snuggling with daddy
tummy time with a little extra :)Riding the lawn mower with grandad, Trevor and I had gone shooting and came back to find him having lots of funKisses with grandma, everyone keeps kissing Sam, so much that he nows does it back, with alittle extra slobber of course.
I am soooo cool!Smiles with daddy, i love these two!Smiles with mummySam's new toy, the baby einstein, all he seems to do is bounce so much so that he continues without the toy. Keeping us very busy
What a smile!Just relaxing on the sofaIts been a busy, crazy and fun filled 6 months. I can't believe how fast time has gone and how much Sam has grown and delevoped. It really is full on and hard work but i am loving every minute and learning so much.

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Ashley Christensen said...

oh Holly! He is adorable, and looks just like you :) Thank you for posting these. I have been thinking about you! xoxo